New Born Babies

Rising Medicare is known to set new benchmarks in providing care for newborn babies. Along with comprehensive and specialized care, we perform a series of regular tests on your newborn to check their health and physical condition. Immediately after the delivery, a few tests are conducted to figure out whether the baby requires urgent medical care. At Rising Medicare, we strive to take care of your new-borns basic requirements and provide you the right information so that you can be an informed parent. Our pediatric care is one-of-a-kind in the city. Apart from required vaccinations, doses of vitamins, and newborn screening, the Guthrie test is also conducted to identify any biochemical disorders. An emergency team is also available 24X7 to make sure that you get timely assistance whenever required.

Handling your bundle of joy.

  • Baby’s Developmental Milestones
  • Deciphering Baby Cries
  • Baby Bath and Massage
  • Newborn Baby Tests
  • Baby’s Vaccination Milestones

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