The Department offers a comprehensive range of inpatient and outpatient services covering the entire cycle from pregnancy through menopause. Equipped to handle all open as well as laparoscopic gynec surgeries – including total laparoscopic hysterectomy alongside hysteroscopy – the Department has advanced facilities for painless labor with continuous electronic fetal monitoring and supports all high-risk pregnancy cases that multi-specialty consultants.

The Rising Medicare is the best hospital for infertility treatment in Pune. Infertility Expert at Rising Medicare Hospital pays special attention to the initial workup for an infertile couple as it gives them the opportunity to select the right kind of fertility treatment for such couples based on the initial reports. The patient coordination team is working on a daily basis to constantly evaluate ways and methods to make the fertility process patient-friendly by decreasing the numbers of visits and duration of stay that any patient has to invest in fertility treatment at Rising Medicare Hospital.

Newborn babies who need intensive medical attention are often admitted into a special area of the hospital called the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The NICU combines advanced technology and trained health care professionals to provide specialized care for the tiniest patients. NICUs may also have intermediate or continuing care areas for babies who are not as sick but do need specialized nursing care.

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