V-BAC and Dr. Vinod Bharati from Rising Medicare

Do you know the saying “Once a cesarean, always a cesarean”? It’s common knowledge among cesarean mothers.

But let me tell you that it’s a general simplified rule and not a necessary condition. To overcome this MYTH you need two things
A strong will from you (i.e. expected mother) and
An equally strong and supporting doctor
Our journey for 2nd kid started with consulting the doctor before we decided to conceive.

When we raised our concern about to have Normal delivery after a previous C-section, surprisingly, the very first reaction from the doctor was “It’s possible” with a grin and high enthusiasm. We were relieved to hear that.

We are talking about Dr. Vinod Bharati from Rising Medicare. We already had an excellent experience and relationship with Dr. Sumedh Giri, a Pediatrician for our first kid.

Like any regular doctor, it started with guidelines on vitals and healthy food/sleeping habits. But as our pregnancy progressed we started to feel the difference. It was not only the positive, enthusiastic and hopeful attitude of the doctor but the entire support system from the Rising Medicare Hospital which makes sure that you get not only guidelines but an opportunity to follow the guidelines. We started to feel confident about normal delivery.

Whenever we were in any confusion or doubt, we always had a positive, enthusiastic and hopeful reply from the doctor, with focus only on getting the normal delivery.

Like any pregnancy we too faced difficulties, but with the help of Dr. Bharati’s experience we were able to get through
Previous C-Section: We had no idea till the day we saw the name on the bill that a Normal birth and a Normal Birth after a C-Section is medically treated differently. It’s called a V-BAC. Throughout the consulting, we were always guided towards how we will get to normal delivery and focused on doing things which will help us do it. You must have heard about “Once a Cesarean, Always a Cesarean!”, but that’s just a guideline and Dr. Bharati very well understands that. We know for a fact, he had even done many V-BAC in past.
Body and age factors: Because of the modern lifestyle we are delaying marriages and family planning. But this does not stop our body from aging and with age lot many factors start to change into unfavorable conditions. But with Dr. Bharati at Rising, we get free weekly pregnancy literacy and exercise sessions under the supervision of trained doctors. This helps a lot to overcome these problems.
Tailbone problem: Unfortunately at the end of the 8th month, my wife had an injury in the tailbone, most likely it was a minor crack, but we can’t X-ray at 8th month. Nirali was not even able to sit straight because of pain and we were dejected that it will have an impact on normal delivery or worst we might end up in an emergency c-section. Again we had great guidance and support to deal with the problem, we overcome it.
Cervix was not dilating: The very reason for a cesarean for the first kid was, cervix didn’t dilate until the 39th week, even after trying induction for about 10 days. We were facing the same problem this time as well. Because we had a previous c-section, we can’t do induction. But again doctor didn’t let us lose hope and total us to double down on walking and more squats (remember tailbone problem was still there). He clearly said we will wait till the end of the 40th week or baby weight less than 4 KG.
Cervix opened but not station 0 (occiput posterior): Pain had started, but because the cervix was not open we thought it was Braxton Hicks. We were a bit sad but still hopeful. As discussed with the doctor, we doubled down on walking, did more squats and even did house sweeping with a broom (traditional methods). We also started timing the pains and kept walking with pains. Within 24 hours cervix dilated 5 cm, this was 3 days to completion of the 40th week. The doctor advised to get admitted, but the head was rotated by about 180 ̊. Something called Occiput Positions. Once again the doctor insisted on waiting more with pain, gave more oxytocin dose because the cervix was well dilated to about 7+ cm and the baby was getting into better station position. We had amazing support from Assistant doctors, nurses in the labor room. It was worth waiting. We had V-BAC with Episiotomy (surgical cut).
The Rising Medicare Hospital has a really good support staff for the Gynec department including Dr. Poonam and Dr. Ritika. They are available 24 hours a day. But the most differentiating factor at Rising are
Personal Pregnancy literacy: Dr. Bharati is very friendly and always ready to listen and respond patiently for every single doubt. Either it’s cultural myths from mother(-in-law) or your doubts on modern science medicine/practices. In one of the similar situations, my wife was suffering from severe pain because of pain in the tailbone. On insistence from my wife, Tramadol was suggested, which doctors usually don’t suggest. I had an argument about why opioid and it’s dose. The doctor was very well open to discussion, explained things in detail, open to learning and he did reconsider the medication while keeping us in confidence.
Monthly pregnancy sessions: About once a month, Rising Gynec team conducts a free session about pregnancy and post-pregnancy literacy. Apart from Dr. Vinod Bharati and Dr. Meghna Giri, Assistant Doctors, Dr. Poonam, Dr. Ritika, and Dr. Safa are the star of those sessions. The sessions were (are) very useful for us during the entire journey. These sessions are free and even if they are chargeable, I would highly recommend those.
Weekly exercise session for pregnant ladies: Every Saturday morning, we used to have a pregnancy exercise session with Dr. Stephy Timothy Shinde. She used to make a difficult pregnancy exercise task into a smooth fun activity. Even I had attended a few partner sessions where we had a blast dancing on romantic Bollywood songs. This exercise session is free as well.

Overall we highly recommend Dr. Vinod Bharati and Rising Medicare Hospital in General.

Dhawal banker

Hello All,

PS: Little long content

Want so much to say, but kept my emotions controlled in next 400 words,

Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction.

Dr Meghana Giri Mam, you are outstanding, you are not just doctor for us, but more than that. We meet you mam in the 17 weeks of my pregnancy hope you remember that time we almost are in the negative zone just because of the previous doctor consultation and suggestion. That time we almost need a someone who makes us positive and makes out into a positive zone and that time GOD finds you for us

So, if u all are looking for a doctor who actually cares for u and thinks good for ur future… go blindly for Dr Meghana Giri Mam. She is a beautiful human being and very much concerned about her patient.

It was that day and my delivery day… we followed to each and every instruction that she gave it to us.

We were blessed with a baby Girl on 25th March 2018 and delivery was conducted by Doctor Meghana Giri Mam. It was a great decision to go to her the first time and carry this beautiful journey throughout.

me and my husband highly recommend Dr Meghana Giri Mam, for Gynecology or Obstetric cases.

Love u, mam. Stay blessed.

Once again my sincere thanks and wishes. May God bless you and your family abundantly. May you always continue to provide the same support and guidance to all those people who are in need.

Thanks & Regards

Monika Jangid & Sachin Sharma

Proud parent of healthy, happy Samayra

Monika Jangid

Our gynaecologist referred us to Dr. Vinod Bharti and his astounding team for Delivery. They explained the whole thing so cautiously and patiently that we decided to follow all his advice and start tests and treatments. After 1 month, we were expecting our first baby with the normal procedure but had to go through the c- section due to last minute complications which also went smoothly. We are very thankful to him and all the other staff. All the staff at the rising medicare is very polite and will explain you everything in detail.

Shilpa Singh

After going from many gynac across Pune, my sister, who was undergoing treatment under Dr Vinod Bharti,. asked me and my wife to pay a visit to Dr Amit Patil. This advise turned to be awesome. Dr Amit Patil explained is the problem well and gave us solutions. treatments in his hospital Rising Medicare is less expensive as compared to any gynac super speciality in Pune. I feel we should have been told by someone of Dr Patil months ago so that we would not be wasting time and energy behind other gynacs.thank you Dr Patil.

Verified Patient Consulted Dr. Amit Shaligram Patil (Obstetrician) for InfertilityPCOS

Had a seamless experience right from the admission to claim process, for my wife who delivered in this hospital. Doctors are very professional and explain things in very layman terms which helped me and my wife a lot during the pregnancy phase.

Aditya Canay

Professional Doctors and nurses who will take care of you throughout the day. Very friendly staff. Clean the premise. I have been here for 2 days and Dr. Anuj Surana took special care of me. Glad I have found this. One of the best hospital in Kharadi region. Also, Billing is reasonable even for a private ac room.

Nikhil Dhoka

My son and daughter in law blessed with a baby boy. Thanks to Dr.Vinod Bharti and the wonderful staff of Rising Medicare hospital.
I can say that this is one of the best maternity hospitals in Pune.

Arun Sohani

The nursing staff and maintenance staff at the hospital is very good. The treating doctor was fantastic he explained all the things very well.

Vishal Sambhare

Thanks to Dr. Vinod Bharti and supporting doctors ( Dr. Safa and Dr. Poonam). It was a truly wonderful experience here in Rising Medicare. Staff and nurses are experienced and well behaved. Special attention is given to cleanliness and hygiene.
This is truly one of the best maternity hospitals in Pune.

Rahul sohani

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